How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your Attic?

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your Attic?

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When it comes to trapping rats in your attic, it can be not only frustrating, but time consuming and difficult, especially if you have those smart big rats!

Trapping rats in your attic can also, be SUPER easy and fun! You just need to understand the rats runways in real time? How many rats are in your attic? Are there babies running around too? How do you get these answers?

Twin home experts has been the leader in the nation solving rat problems for homeowners in the most innovative ways, you have may never seen before.

  “Twice the catch, twice as fast”

When it comes to trapping rats in your attic, there is way more to this than just setting rat traps and walking away. In fact we even see the pro pest controllers do this all the time and it’s a complete failure!

Here’s why:
✅ Most people don’t find the rat entry points into the attic
✅ Most people are not monitoring the attic, therefore don’t know how many rats they are dealing with
✅ Setting to many traps with to much food source
✅ Not securing their rat traps down
These are just a few mistakes that most people make when trapping rats in a attic.

The video featured at the top, is a great quick video on the the traditional methods of trapping in a attic vs. Twin Traps method.

This highlights the rat getting away from a snap trap which is the traditional methods that most pest controllers use all the time. Now we’re not saying that rats will get away all the time, but why take that chance! The twin traps lure the rats into the front of the traps kill zone, therefore your catching rate will increase dramatically. The twins bait station allows you to mount a wi fi camera on the top of the handle to monitor real time activity, especially notifying you if you caught a rat vs always wondering. This saves so much much of your precious time.

The MOST critical in trapping rats in your attic, especially those smart big rats! You MUST find the entry points!
If you cant identify the entry points to an attic, this is what will happen:

You can see the rat was sort of interested, but he made a very cautious decision and that was NOT interested in taking a chance, when I have plenty of food source outside. You see when you   Shut their food source off, typically within 24 to 48 hours you will trap rats! The starvation period kicks in within 4 days.

The ULTIMATE way to trap a rat or rats in a attic, is pinpoint the entry points, then set up the Twintraps monitoring bait station, you won’t have to secure your rat traps and more importantly you will have much better chance to trap those rats in your attic, saving you time and money.  
Here is a list of the traps to catch more rats, go to

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